Meet the Pride Team


Frazer Doyle –


Frazer is Dover Pride Co-Founder and Event Organizer! “I try to come up with as many fun, entertaining and creative ideas as I can for events that are crucial for fundraising and I felt that Dover Pride and our LGBTQ+ community was one of them. I had always had ideas about Dover having it’s own pride for years before this one and most people would dismiss the idea or laugh as they didn't believe the people of Dover would accept it or imagine it could be possible but we made it possible. So when it came to organizing the first in 2019 and there was an enormous amount of support it's fair to say that we were all very proud. We were even featured in the top 50 events in Kent on Kent Live. I have always felt the need to hold back on who I really was and be cautious about talking about my sexuality openly. All those worries went out of the window when I marched alongside the LGBTQ+ community and its allies down Dover High Street, in my pom pom pride outfit! Personally I feel it’s had a really positive impact on me and my family in terms of understanding the love and respect of LGBTQ+ people and I hope that together this was the case with others that attended. It’s all about Dover embracing equality, diversity and supporting each other!”




Emma is Dover Pride Co-Founder and Creative Director of Dover Pride! “I’m proud of my home town as it’s where I was born and I’m now based as an artist. I started off taking part in the local student makers markets which is where I met Frazer who founded Dover Pride with Future Foundry and we became great friends. A lot of people felt that Dover didn’t need a pride but our LGBTQ+ community proved that was not the case when everyone came out to support our first Pride in 2019 and then Dover Digital Pride last year! I am so proud of everyone who came to our first pride and that is why I chose to continue to be involved in such an important and joyful event!”




Dover Pride Co-Founder and Director of @future_foundry! “I started Future Foundry to help young people learn freelancing and self-employment skills and realise that you don’t have to have a job to start your career - but can just do it yourself! DIY is a strong theme within the company - if you want to start a business, put on a market, have a festival you just find someone who can give you some tips, persuade all your friends to get involved - and then just do it! We’ve worked with over 1000 young people in projects across Kent.

We’ve run Student Makers Markets in Dover alongside training in creative skills, business, zero waste and upcycling. Biggin Hall is our base, with an event space and art studio’s. My first experience of Pride was in Canterbury and I was blown away by how different it felt from any other event I’d been to. I’d read about a ‘safe space’, but to experience it was something quite unique and magical, to be present in a place where people felt completely comfortable to be themselves. Frazer, Sarah and Emma have been involved with Future Foundry since we came to Dover and we’d talked for years about a Dover Pride, so when Drag SOS decided to choose Dover as one of 3 towns in the UK with the least visible LGBTQ+ community and no Pride we decided it had to be done!”




“I'm Lori and my role is secretary and admin for Dover Pride. I have known Frazer since we were both tiny humans, and joined the Pride team to not only support him but also to show my allyship to those who are close to me and identify as LGBTQ+. I am so proud to be part of a team that is working so hard to bring positivity and inclusivity to Dover at a grass-roots level.”




Social Media/PR - “I was born and raised in Dover and attended the first ever Dover Pride in 2019 and I helped to run Dover Digital Pride in 2020. I was so blown away by the amount of people I saw come out and support it. It was a very proud and emotional moment for me walking proudly as an out and gay man through the town I grew up in. I love social media and work full time in digital and when I was asked by Frazer if I would like to help on the social media for Dover Pride I jumped at the chance. Nothing is more important to me than equality and always being true to yourself. Pride isn’t just a march, a party, or an event it is a movement supporting increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQIA+ community) people as a social group. Love is love and as I always like to say always be happy to be yourself! 




I'm a creative, living in Deal, who is passionate about creating fun, accessible activities and experiences that promote compassion, community cohesion and acceptance. I primarily work with learning disabled and neurodiverse individuals at Square Pegs Arts, so creating safe spaces, and reiterating that Pride events should be for EVERYONE and kindness should be at the heart of all that we do is very important to me. I've been leading the Dover Pride Story Time online series project and have loved every second of it! Let's do more to engage young people with the LGBTQI+ community and eradicate negative stereotypes! Dover Pride 2019 was the first ever pride event that I attended. I went with my mum, and although I've always been very comfortable with myself, it ended up being quite an emotional experience for me as it made me realise that I had never fully allowed myself to engage with this part of myself. Seeing a small, local pride event taking place where everyone was happy to express and be themselves was truly beautiful- not just a big show, but a community of support. So here I am, doing as much as I can to show my own support for this wonderful organisation! See you at Pride!”




“For me, pride is about community, about finding a space in which you are given love, support and acceptance. It’s about having the opportunity to make others in the LGBTQ community feel the same way, coming together to celebrate everyone’s identities. I’m so proud and grateful to be a part of Dover Pride.”




"I'm super excited to be part of this year's Dover Pride event. I am Head Coordinator Marshal for the parade and I am taking part of the Pride of Artists project that will be showcasing art works around Dover's high street... painting the town rainbow. 🌈 The purpose of the this event is so crucial for the impact it has for Dover and the LGBTQ+ community- creating inclusivity to all forms of love and identity. To be part of creating this is so special. Love is love 🤍."




"I have loved taking part and volunteering for Dover Pride. I’ve previously volunteered in other roles for the better part of 8 years. Chasing the feel good factor and making connections with people. Returning back to Dover recently I wanted to join an LGBTQ+ group in my local town.  I also wanted to bring attention to the gay bear and leather pride community in Dover as a lot of my personal journey has focused around these communities.  I’m looking forward to meeting amazing people, celebrating my queerness and working with some of the most creative artists and fellow LGBTQ+ & Ally volunteers this year. I’m currently working on some of the digital tasks of Dover Pride including the website and sponsorship.  I’m ready and excited to get more involved with Dover Pride projects in the coming years. I’m also looking forward to seeing a lot more people in person at the event and throughout the years too!"




“I’m new to Dover Pride but have completely immersed myself with being a part of pride and how I can help with the events happening. I love being a part of pride, it’s the most open community I’ve been a part of that welcome me in for me just being myself. Pride has always shown me freedom, creating opportunities for me to learn and grow in the community. Love is Love and I will live my life by that.”


Bob Chicalors  


Bob is a rollerskating, drag queen Stage Manager for Dover Pride. “Pride is always a political act of taking up and reclaiming space, to walk down a street in a town where you live free of shame, to wave at your neighbors and fellow townspeople. We’ve collectively spent a lot of time indoors recently. I hope that a physical march through Dover, an IRL gathering together in a safe way outdoors, will make someone somewhere feel a little less isolated. I’ve only lived in Dover for a month or two and thanks to the incredible love and passion of the Pride team I could not have felt more welcome. I want to share that feeling with my new hometown.”




Pansexual Artist “I am thrilled to be a part of Dover Pride team. To me, this celebration means accepting who you are and being proud of all you stand for, watching the beautiful unity of communities and cultures.”