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Parade Day FAQ

What format will the event take?

The main day event consists of a parade march (11am) and entertainment on the 27th Aug 22. Those who have registered for the march will get priority entry to Roman lawn events. Following the march there is a 'first come-first served' entry. There is limited numbers due to safety.

Where and when it will take place?

Date: 27th August 2022

Event Registration: 8:30am - 10:30am - Riverside Centre, Maison Dieu Rd, Dover CT16 1RL.

Event Start: 11:00am

March Start: 11:00 am  -  Riverside Green, Maison Dieu Rd, Dover, CT16 1RL

March End:  11:45 am  -  Roman Lawn, Dover

Event End (at Roman Lawn): 4:00 pm

Will there be a Pride Café?

Yes, we will be hosting the Dover Pride Café at La Salle Verte. 14-15 Cannon St, Dover, CT16 1BZ

Will it be a parade or an event?

Our parade march will take place before our ticketed event at our event space at the Roman Lawn. There will be time to set-up for the parade before the start of the march.

Are there any requirements for the march?

The march is for anybody who is 16y+. Anyone younger will need to be accompanied by an adult.

What is planned at Roman Lawn venue?

The Roman Lawn will have our entertainment stage, a bar, our sponsor tables and various LGBT organisations and additional vendors. This venue is for anybody who is 16y+. Anyone younger will need to be accompanied by an adult. Anyone buying alcohol will be ID'd.

What space might be available e.g., will there be space for us to bring vehicles along?

There are restrictions on bringing vehicles onto the event space and no parking is available on the road leading up to the site itself. The nearest parking will be located at the Stembrook Street Car Park (near Pencester Park).

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Will there be accessible toilets and amenities?

Yes there will be several toilets available at the event. An additional accessible toilet for wheelchair holders will be located nearby the Roman Lawn in Dover.

Will the event be marshalled?

Yes, both the march and event will be.

Will there be tickets to the event and where do we sign in?

Yes for the march parade participants sign in 9am at riverside centre registration is located here

Screenshot 2022-08-21 at 21.11.29.png

From here tickets will be check off and bag searched. It is advised that the latest arrival and wristband allocation for the March closes at 10:45am.

For those attending the Roman Lawn event and celebrations sign in will be at the event entrance on the day. You will need to pre-register for the march: Eventbrite Tickets Here

What if the event is sold out?
You are still welcome to join the back of the March however you will have to queue at the Roman Lawn to get your bag checked and if the lawn is already at full capacity then you will need to queue up as we will operate as a 1 in 1 out for the safety of those attending.

The only people who will get priority access at 12pm are the March participants who have pre-registered at our desk in Maison Dieu, have wristbands and have had their bags checked ahead of the March at 11am.

Don’t forget we do have the Pride Cafe with more entertainment and performers located around the corner at La Salle Verte if the Roman lawn is full.

What is the line up scheduled on the day and are there any places to go after the event finishes (after 4pm)?

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